Procurement & Sourcing

Procurement & Sourcing

Turn-key Procurement Services from Price Negotiations to Storage

Dotts Group provides quality procurement & sourcing for our clients on a global scale. The utilization of our skilled and vetted suppliers, we gather all the materials you need for your products, services, and indirect costs. Our process involves placing orders with each supplier, receiving the goods, and paying for them. Dotts Group provides the turn-key service for our clients that covers everything from planning purchases to negotiating pricing, making the purchases, to handling inventory control and storage. Without a solid procurement strategy in place, there’s always a chance that operations will have to halt. Dotts Group ensures our clients strategy and demands are met to make sure you get access to the materials you need to make a product. While it is our mission to ensure the successful completion of your projects no matter the location, we specialize in customized levels of sourcing for your procurement needs, full service operations and personnel management.

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