Strickland Bio

Russell Strickland

Retired SEAL Master Chief with 30+ year’s experience in all aspects of Naval Special Warfare (NSW) with emphasis on SEAL Combat Skills Training, NSW Operations & Planning, Targeting and Intelligence, Advanced Special Operations, Foreign Internal Defense Training, Key Leader and Tribal Engagement lead, Prior J-TAC trainer for NSW,.  10 year’s experience as a DoD contractor support SOF from the Unit level up to Program Management of multiple program working within SOCOM.  Subject Matter Expert: Hostile Force-Tag Track and Locate, and Tactical Audio Video Surveillance equipment and employment, Advanced Special Operations Training, and non-SOF personnel Pipeline training; development and successful execution to full mission capable level.  Prior Task Lead and Program Manager for USSOCOM Identity Operations Manager program involved in all aspects for SOF Site Sensitive Exploitation for identifying and targeting nefarious individuals.  Operations Planner for SOCCENT JOG-C.