Veno Bio

Erv Veno

Chief Operating Officer

Our COO, Mr. Ervin Veno, has 25+ years in business consulting, executive level mentorship, financial analytics, sales management, team building, operations, sourcing, procurement, and logistics.  For the last 8 years, Mr. Veno’s primary mission has been to work with various US Government Prime vendors improving their contract engagement, product/service sourcing, procurement, business development and logistics.

Mr. Veno is very well-known in the financial industry as the former COO to a US-based full service financial firm named Stark Financial Group.  He has successfully led an organization of 200+ associates covering 16 States.  He specializes in creating connections for his government and commercial clients to obtain stated objectives by using keen business concepts i.e. teambuilding, organizational development and contracts management.  Mr. Veno’s vast networking experience is pivotal in transforming the most difficult projects into simple successful functions.  His influence over the years has been felt throughout North America, South America, Australia, the Middle East, and the African Continent.  

Erv’s impressive entrepreneurial spirit manifested itself in High School, when he started his first business at the age of 15.  This modest business eventually grew to a small construction company of 13 employees that he maintained throughout college.  After graduation Erv transitioned into the financial industry doing financial consulting, lending and business consulting where he progressed into the upper management and sales training.  After several years he made a strategic move into the pharmaceutical industry where he maintained top level sales while assisting in the sales training and development of others.  It was throughout this transition in 2002 that Mr. Veno started his 2nd business.  In 2009, Erv expanded his business by offering his services to a mid-sized defense contractor consulting in their marketing, strategic planning, business development, sourcing, procurement, and industrial relationships.  It was this relationship that catapulted Mr. Veno into the government sector of industry.   Mr. Veno has worked with several small and large defense organizations.  His las few years has been with Obera LLC, as their Director of Supply Chain management.

Mr. Veno is a 1993 Graduate of Penn State University receiving a Bachelor of Science in Labor and Industrial Relations as well as minoring in Business Administration and Sociology.    

Erv’s passion for the martial arts flourished in college where he trained and competed at Penn State University’s Tae Kwon Do program.  He Co-Captained the team and helped lead them to several State and Regional championships.  Mr. Veno continued with his education and training, ultimately receiving a 4th degree, a Master’s degree from the Kukkiwon in Tae Kwon Do.